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Canopy bed curtains 

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Canopy bed curtain netting that you want to sleep with designed to be attractive and functional.

Supplying the world from warehouses in USA and Australia, CanopyBedCurtain.com is a family business located in Australia. We have successfully been trading online to customers all around the world for over 20 years. (see testimonials).

We started business in 1998 to become Australia's leading provider of quality canopy curtains. We supplied a variety of retail outlets with our products and then developed a website. The universal nature of the internet meant that we began to get inquiries from customers wanting quality canopy curtains from around the world. We subsequently developed an international bed canopy site and so CanopyBedCurtain.com was born.

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Our products are designed and manufactured to our exact specifications ......starting from the thread! Our Deluxe range of canopies are fully hemmed and have re-enforced ceilings. We only use selected fabrics and do not use inferior cottons, polyester or silk. Our canopies are generously sized to completely cover your bed and they will last for years. We guarantee our products and are committed to your satisfaction.


We have been selling bed canopies for over 20 years worldwide and we know what works and what our customers want. Our designs and styles are an ongoing process. Over the years we have adapted and modified our bed canopies to make the best.


We don't make or sell cheap problem canopies. We make attractively priced innovative bedroom accessories that are backed by our solid guarantee of quality.


We offer telephone and email support. We want your satisfaction and we want your recommendation! Contact us here